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Always On and Ready to Flow


The back-up generator is the key to delivering an ‘always-on’ or critical environment for Data Centres. Fuel is stored in main tanks and then needs to be fed to day tanks at the generator when needed in an emergency. This operation must flow seamlessly, with fuel that is kept in optimum condition. The fuel will be transferred when needed to the day tank, and for this application, a reliable pumping system is required.

Positive Displacement Pumps are the best pumps for this task as they offer predictable flow and the flow rate of the fuel can be adjusted over a wide range as necessary.

Thomson Process Equipment and Engineering have been making fuel transfer pump skids for hyperscale data centres and have found that the Viking Pump Gear Pumps are the best pump suited to this task.

Thomson Process Fuel Skids (Image above)

We make units to service any type of fuel delivery. The flow rate and delivery can be increased or decreased independently of the system pressure. You can’t do that with typical centrifugal systems.

Thomson Process make bespoke skids for the application all equipped with pumps, filters, separators, inlets, outlets, control panels, pipework, and IIoT enabled if necessary. All mounted on polished stainless steel baseplates. We also offer Fuel Polishing Pump Skids to keep diesel and fuel clean from ‘diesel bugs’ and always at the ready for when it is needed.

Each series of fuel units is designed to meet the specified conditions, and the positive displacement pumps provide predictable flow even when conditions change. We work with proven brands using high quality materials. The pumps, filters, separators, inlets, outlets and control panels are all made to last. Our Products and Services meet the industry recognised cGMP. We are ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED.

Thomson Process Equipment & Engineering Ltd are positive displacement pump specialists based near Dublin in Ireland. We offer a wide range of stand-alone pump and complete pump systems. Our pumps and systems handle any viscosity and a large spectrum of flow rates for the most demanding applications.  We have over 30 years experience and expertise with well known and trusted pumping technologies. We work across a myriad of industries, including Oil & Gas, Pharma & Bio Pharma, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Power Generation and more.

We have been building Pump Skids for various projects for over two decades and we have honed this expertise into the delivery of high quality, efficient systems tuned to the customers exact needs. One key area of our expertise is the fuel delivery and polishing market.

For more information visit www.thomsonprocess.ie

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