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BRUNS-PAK: Design Innovation. Engineering Excellence.

BRUNS-PAK helps clients strategize, implement and provision innovative, resilient solutions for mission-critical data center infrastructure that support operations in an always-on world flooded by data and demanding information connectivity through an ever-expanding array of devices. Beyond ultra-reliability, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and capital cost control, BRUNS-PAK Hybrid Efficient Data Center Solutions address the need for agile hybrid infrastructures that help IT teams focus less on systems and more on the delivery of business value. Our proven services methodology integrates planning through design, engineering, construction, and commissioning to deliver robust infrastructures on time and on budget across on-premise, cloud-based and managed facilities. An end-to-end management process provides complete visibility into critical project parameters, including total development and operating costs, from proposal through commissioning.

We are not just a data center/IT consulting company, design-build specialist, engineering and construction company or facilities optimization specialist—we are all those and more. We see the cloud not as a challenge but as opportunity. LEED guidelines are more than goals, they are good business. We view thousands of demanding end-users not as a burden, but as collaborators in the delivery of innovation and service to a sea of customers.
We are not sales claims, we are a legacy of over 5,500 engagements delivered throughout the United States and Canada that span technologies, strategies and methodologies while remaining singularly focused on one goal—the success of each individual project.

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