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Dynamic Changes to Global IT Supply During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Techbuyer’s sustainability department

The world has tipped on its axis. We need to find flexible, creative solutions for enterprise IT infrastructure during these unprecedented times. Techbuyer’s sustainability department shares the company’s approach of high quality, low cost servers, storage, networking and more here.

The pandemic has meant that businesses around the world are having to drastically rethink their systems at short notice and adapt them to the new environment. As a data centre specialist, we regularly ship a variety of server, storage and networking equipment to over 100 countries, but the Covid-19 outbreak has pushed us to develop new product lines and offerings. Understanding and adapting to businesses’ IT needs as quickly as possible has been key during this uncertain time, to keep essential services, processes and systems running effectively. In the month of our 15th birthday, we are busy helping customers navigate these new demands.

Keeping agile in uncertain times

Techbuyer is no stranger to supplying a market during difficult times. Starting in Harrogate in 2005, Techbuyer experienced an explosion in demand for refurbished data centre during the 2008 economic crisis. Since then, Techbuyer has expanded to become a global presence with three European sites, two in the US, one in Australia and another in New Zealand, with experienced staff, strong relationships with customers and suppliers around the world. This network, along with our £10 million worth of IT hardware in stock at all times, allows us to be flexible in the face of unprecedented events.

Systems overhauls and fast deliveries

Over the past few weeks we have experienced an increased demand for IT spares and upgrades, as organisations large and small struggle to develop their infrastructure. Adapting current systems is a great way to maximise IT budgets and performance, without the hassle of implementing a new infrastructure. These upgrades are cost-effective, avoid wasting current IT hardware and can also be easily deployed, which is ideal for urgent data centre orders. This is especially important to the market as Original Equipment Manufacturers are asking for patience on deliveries of new equipment. At Techbuyer, we supply a range of new, refurbished and third party components, all of which are in stock for immediate deployment.

Another area in which we have seen a surge in demand is our bespoke Configure-to-Order service, which enables businesses to tailor servers to their specific requirements. Once our technicians have configured the servers with the required memory, storage and processing, the servers go through our 25-point recertification process and are shipped as soon as the same or next day. We have been working with NHS trusts which are facing a huge demand for their services. One example was our shipment of Dell CTO servers to an NHS trust which needed to increase database capacity and enable remote working as soon as possible.

New product lines

We are seeing an increased worldwide demand for laptops, to ensure employees can effectively work from home. This is a specialism of our French team which we were already in the process of rolling out worldwide, but Covid-19 has accelerated this. Our remanufactured laptops are fully compliant and tested in one of our four engineering facilities based in Harrogate, UK, France, the US and Australia. With relevant component upgrades, we can provide top-class performance at a fraction of the price.

We have also expedited our rentals offering on equipment, which had been in the pipeline for some time but is of particular use during the current crisis. We have been glad to be able to do our part for the healthcare industry during the pandemic with an IT rentals service for the NHS. This enables hospitals, practices and services to access quality new and refurbished data centre solutions free of charge. Other organisations find it useful too, as they step up provision with no clear view on how long emergency equipment will be needed.

Doing our bit

Diversifying our product lines and business offerings have enabled us to support our healthcare system. In the UK, we have been able to supply laptops to a doctor’s surgery and donated 100 webcams for ICU patients at an NHS trust. This provided a high quality of connectivity that allows people to keep in touch with relatives remotely.

“The best thing about working here is partnering with charities and donating resources wherever possible,” commented Anna Towers, Director of Techbuyer during an interview for Techbuyer’s 15th anniversary. “Being around so many people within the company that want to offer their own skills and time to make a difference is a real honour.

Though there are nicer times in which we would choose to have our 15th anniversary, it is great to be in a position to keep helping businesses, organisations and the wider community throughout this uncertain time.

Follow the link to watch our video on celebrating our 15th Birthday – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY6iIehkM_A&t=1s

Techbuyer is a global leading in buying, selling and refurbishing server, storage and networking equipment. With secure data erasure, a three year warranty as standard and 225,000+ IT components in stock, choosing data centre solutions with Techbuyer guarantees excellent performance and reliability. Techbuyer also offers an IT Asset Disposition service for businesses looking to sell their excess or redundant IT hardware. Find out how we could help your organisation at Techbuyer.com or get in touch with us at info@techbuyer.com.

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