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Fully customisable rack PDUs with integrated wire-free radio monitoring capabilities

In the event that data centre experts have special requirements for power distribution within their data cabinets, the Daxten YourPDU powered by Schleifenbauer is the ideal choice. It is fully customisable and therefore an excellent way to get a solution that perfectly fits into individual IT or data centre environments. The Daxten YourPDU can be customised in terms of power design, number of outlets, monitoring capabilities (power, environment, residual current), colours, mounting options and many more features to perfectly fit to any requirement. The idea behind it is simple, but highly efficient: Just tell us, what your ideal PDU looks like and we make it possible.

Comprehensive monitoring for a perfect balance of loads and power density

As one of the customising options, Daxten offers the integration of a wire-free radio power monitoring module directly into the PDU. This enables data centre professionals to measure and control energy parameters like Volts, Amps, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle and total current for any cabinet and to balance out the loads and power density perfectly.

With just one single wire-free radio monitoring module, the cornerstone can be laid for a comprehensive data centre monitoring system. This can be expanded very easily with additional power monitoring units or by adding wire-free monitors for the control of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity or differential pressure and leak detection of areas in the server room that are susceptible to leaks.

For further information, please visit https://www.daxten.com/ie/customise-your-pdu.html


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