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Industrial Air Cleaners Used in Stockholm, Data Centre

Camfil was approached by a client in Stockholm to provide air cleaning solutions within an extensive Data Centre facility. They worked with the client to establish the level of air cleaning solutions required based on the floor plan taking into consideration the space, layout and usage of the area.

About the project: 

Based upon the client’s requirements, Camfil installed the CamCleaner 6000 which provides the optimum level of air purification for a space of this size.

The air cleaner was installed within the data centre which effectively lowered the cost of associated with Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) Air Cleaning Systems.

CamCleaner 6000 is an air cleaner suited to dusty environments and large indoor premises such as the data centre and provided an ideal solution to the client’s requirements.

Advantages of the CamCleaner 6000:

  • Healthier employees
  • Less Cleaning
  • Removal of environmental impact
  • Clean products, fewer operational disruptions
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced the average temperature in rooms with high ceilings


The client noticed reduced costs associated with CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) air cleaning systems and the previously high maintenance costs associated with data centre plant and machinery were lowered.

Air recirculation via the CamCleaner cleans and also cools the plant in the server room. For every circulation of air through a CamCleaner unit, 3 circulations would be required using an HVAC system to match the efficiency.

About the CamCleaner:

The CamCleaner 6000 is an air cleaner suited to dusty environments and large indoor premises such as pharmaceutical facilities, food factories, heavy industry, paper mills, welding workshops, timber facilities, bakeries, packaging production, printing facilities, stables, processing industry, supermarkets and other specialist applications such as upgrading of clean room environments and other classified assembly environments.

Camfil air cleaners can be used in cleaning zones. This means that you can deliver extremely pure air to surfaces that are particularly sensitive while at the same time, other areas of the room can maintain a lower requirement level.

This saves money and at the same time, the number of operational disturbances caused by dirt and dust is minimised.

About the CamCleaner Range:

CamCleaner is a range of patented air cleaners with the most efficient HEPA filters on the market. They are designed to work as a supplement to existing ventilation systems and give reduced energy costs, most efficient production and a healthier work environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles.

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