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JAEGGI ADC High Density: Maximum Performance, small footprint

When developing the JAEGGI ADC High Density, achieving maximum power density was a key priority.
These units are therefore ideal for high-power applications such as the cooling of IT systems.

Extremely compact, enormously powerful

Even in dry operation, the extremely compact cube with a minimal footprint offers huge power and
thus a high switch point for activating the adiabatic pre-cooling unit, which is attached over the
entire height of the cube for maximum performance. All mounted parts and components are integrated
into the casing. Even the high-performance, super low noise fans cannot be seen from the outside.

Adiabatic pre-cooling system

Should the dry operation be insufficient, e.g. due to high ambient temperatures or heavy system
loads, the start of the adiabatic pre-cooling practically switches on the turbo. With the
pre-cooling operation, it is also possible to cool the fluid to below the ambient temperature.

Perfect adjustment, easy bringing-in procedure

The ADC High Density can easily be adapted to very diverse requirements. Various combinations of
materials, configurable tube materials and geometries as well as various tube circuitry options and
fin spacings predestine the powerful cube to be designed with pinpoint accuracy. An added plus are
the ideal dimensions for standard low-loader transport. And with the torsion-resistant construction
and the factory- fitted transport lugs, it goes without saying that the units can be easily
transported by crane without lifting beam.

Intelligent controller reduces operating costs

The smart HYBRIMATIC control unit continuously records the amount of water applied, the speed of
the fans and the state of the ambient air. The necessary information for this such as the fan speed
is read out from Güntner Motor Management GMM via the bus communication. This speed information can
alternatively be transmitted using a 0 – 10-volt signal. The HYBRIMATIC is moreover capable of
checking the operating costs during operation. This provides the basis for an integrated cost
management function, which continually decides whether applying water or changing the speed
represents the more cost-saving and therefore more efficient mode of operation, thus saving money.
To this end, the water quantity is constantly recorded in this system.

Efficient humidification system, hygienic operation

In this highly efficient humidification system, the easily replaceable humidification pads are only
supplied with the amount of water needed depending on the situation. This minimises water
consumption and prevents standing water. In the event of inactivity, the pre-cooling unit is
automatically drained. The heat exchanger remains completely dry thanks to the separate pre-cooling
unit. As a result, regulations such as the 42nd federal law for the protection against immissions
(BImSchV) which is in force in Germany do not apply to the unit. The clever design of the ADC High
Density takes into account the recognised technical rules when it comes to the hygienic operation
of evaporative cooling systems.

Easy inspections, cleaning and maintenance

The ADC High Density is easy to work on. Thanks to a large lockable inspection door, all internal
components can be accessed quickly and easily. This makes all inspection, servicing and maintenance
work easier. Talking of service, not only are all spare parts available anywhere in the world, our
service staff can assist you if you request this. The service includes all work which is necessary
over the entire life cycle – from commissioning to disassembly.

About JAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG

JAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG, with its headquarters in Basel, is a successful and long-established
Swiss company. It is the inventor of the hybrid dry cooler as well as a technology and market
leader in hybrid re-cooling and condensing. Its operations cover engineering, production, sales and
service for hybrid dry coolers and condensers. JAEGGI’s products are characterised by their
excellent reliability, low energy and water consumption and low environmental impact. The company
is part of the Güntner Group, an established global manufacturer of components for refrigeration
and air conditioning technology and industrial applications.

JAEGGI – the original

A Güntner Group company

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