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nVent ERIFLEX delivers low voltage power distribution solutions

nVent ERIFLEX delivers low voltage power distribution solutions that reduce total installed cost and increase design flexibility by providing a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable products through global end-user application expertise and intimacy.

nVent ERIFLEX Products offers:

  • Reliability solution

nVent ERIFLEX is a worldwide partner for designing your electrical cabinet with a range of world class certification: IEC, UL, CE, RoHS… With nVent ERIFLEX you take the benefits of the latest trend in terms of products innovation and safety. nVent ERIFLEX Advanced technology give the best in class insulation with Low smoke, Halogen-Free, Flame retardant, Tinned Plated and High temperature, for improving the safety of people and reliability of electrical equipment while maintaining the flexibility our customers expect..

  • Ready to use solution

nVent ERIFLEX IBS/IBSB Advanced is a ready to use flexible solution for connections to all molded case circuit breakers, including the most compact breakers on the markets. IBSB Advanced connect to front access terminals of the breaker without any additional accessories such angular connectors, spreaders or extenders. This innovative solution allows user to reduce the total size of the installation, optimize the design of your panels and reduce the assembly lead-time. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, IBSB eliminated lug crimping work and all the consequences due to vibration or fatigues of faulty connections.

  • Design capability

nVent ERIFLEX has a complete engineering team that allow you to perform your nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced or Braids products to meet all your challenges in your electrical design. nVent ERIFLEX can help you to solve or optimize your design and production scheduling by providing a bespoke power connections kit that meet your expectation by offering the best cost effective solution.

Discover our complete portfolio by visiting our website: https://www.nvent.com/us/en/our-brands/ERIFLEX.html

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