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Rentaload launch a new Smart Load Bank

Rentaload launch a new Smart Load bank dedicated to the Hyperscales and empty data halls.

With a maximum power of 200kW and a low delta T, this device is the perfect application for empty data halls.

Also, it can be managed by using the Rentalab Management Software to simplify and reduce the time of your commissioning tests.

Main Features:

  • Power: 200kW
  • Resolution : 10kW
  • Low Delta T
  • Easy connection using Powerlock sockets
  • The perfect solution for empty data halls
  • Vertical airflow deflector as an accessory
  • Floor standing units on wheels with lifting rings
  • Rentalab Management Software: Local or remote PC control of the load bank
  • Hyperscale datacentres application

“Smart solutions to reduce time and to do the commissioning more efficiently”

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