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Room Alert Protects Your Facility Even When Short Staffed

Proactive environment monitoring with Room Alert is an integral part of all business continuity and disaster recovery plans because it prevents costly downtime from worsening or even unfolding in the first place. 75% of small to midsize businesses don’t have any environment monitoring installed but it doesn’t make sense to wait until you inevitably experience costly downtime to consider protecting your assets with Room Alert. Invest in Room Alert before environment changes cost you time, energy and resources you won’t get back.

Beyond increasing business uptime and productivity, Room Alert can also be implemented to help in many other ways. Room Alert monitors and sensors are engineered to prevent disasters related to changes in the environment within your businesses, organizations and facilities. By proactively monitoring, you can oversee the conditions in your environment and detect slight changes in your environment before major issues such as flooding, high temperatures, or smoke damage occur. Another way Room Alert saves you time, money and resources is through advanced and secure remote environment monitoring for when you are short staffed or even completely unmanned.

When important staff members or managers are absent due to vacations, illness or other reasons (which will happen eventually), it is crucial to have comprehensive plans in place to handle all operations. Through being proactive and planning beforehand, you can prevent downtime and manage environment factors that could lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers and even going out of business. 30% of downtime is caused by environment factors such as extreme temperature, humidity, power loss, water damage or flooding, poor airflow, smoke or fire, etc. Room Alert protects your organization from costly downtime related to these environment factors and more. Room Alert monitors and sensors add an additional layer of security and protection where human error or being short staffed can’t.

It is critical to have a dependable and affordable way to remotely monitor your facilities when you are short staffed, completely unstaffed or your offices are closed. It is imperative that your assets are protected 24/7 because staff can’t always be on-site and during emergencies, travel time allows conditions to worsen. Short staffing is an issue that threatens businesses year-round due to unforeseen circumstances such as illnesses. This issue can be particularly problematic during peak vacation times, religious observances and more. Room Alert is award-winning, all-encompassing, easy and affordable proactive environment monitoring designed to oversee your environment when your facilities and/or IT crews may be short staffed or unmanned.

Customers can also work with a dedicated Sr Product Specialist who will work with you to understand your organization and determine the best combination of Room Alert monitors and sensors to ensure you are always protected, especially when you’re short staffed.

Our Room Alert monitors and sensors are backed by our RoomAlert.com account portal. RoomAlert.com allows users to set up many advanced features depending on the level of their account services, which are all listed here. Our advanced features include alerting, reporting, commenting on alerts, Public URLs and more. These features provide further protection when you are off-site or short staffed.

Alerts Notify You When Changes In Your Environment Are Detected

Alerting provides users with reliable and accurate notifications when your customizable alerts are triggered, even if you’re not on-site. Users can access their RoomAlert.com account from any internet-accessible device at any time to see up to date information on the environment conditions in their facilities. When temperatures rise in your organization, or a water leak is detected, RoomAlert.com will email or text the appropriate employee(s) so the correct person can take corrective action and prevent downtime before disaster strikes. Alerts can be sent to entire groups of people and even those who are not RoomAlert.com users, so even if certain individuals are sick or on vacation, everyone will be notified so you can work together to solve the issue.

Reporting Helps You Identify Issues Before Disaster Strikes

Another useful feature in your RoomAlert.com account is reporting. Reporting organizes your monitor and sensor data in easy-to-read graphs that show patterns and trends in your environment. By creating reports and quickly sharing them via Public URLs, you give your team the proper tools to identify issues in humidityroom entry and more as they gradually change over time. This dramatically decreases the likelihood and extent of costly downtime arising without anyone’s knowledge. Whether you are short staffed or managing multiple remote locations, you can check your RoomAlert.com account from anywhere at any time and perform proactive maintenance to assure your facilities’ longevity and success.

With reporting and Public URLs in your RoomAlert.com account, users can quickly and easily share their most up to date sensor data and notify others of changes in the environment that may develop into bigger issues whether they are also Room Alert users or not.

Room Alert strengthens your disaster recovery and business continuity plans and helps monitor remote and unstaffed locations because you can refer to alerting and reporting in your RoomAlert.com to address potential threats proactively before you find yourself short staffed. Room Alert gives your assets a secure and dependable extra layer of protection even when you only have few, or no local eyes on-site.

Before your organization is short staffed due to unforeseen illnesses, or office is closed, or facility managers are on vacation, be proactive and install environment monitoring with Room Alert. Protect your facilities and increase productivity….don’t wait until it’s too late!

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If you have any questions or want additional information on advanced features in your Room Alert.com Account that protect your facilities when you’re short staffed, please visit our YouTube Channel and be sure to read more of our articles here to learn many other reasons why you need Room Alert to prevent unnecessary and costly downtime. You can also speak with a dedicated Sr Product specialist via email at Sales@AVTECH.com, by phone at 401.628.1600, or through our Live Chat feature right here on our website.

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