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The easiest way to move, lift and install DC equipment

In the past rack mounting and moving heavy and bulky IT components around the data centre was difficult. This back breaking work was performed by the data centre technical or facility personnel with only some relief provided by using a trolley or cart to move the equipment to the cabinets. At least two people were needed to lift the heavy IT equipment up to the desired rack space in the cabinet. This procedure presents a high risk of injury for the data centre staff as well as a potential danger of damaging sensitive and valuable IT equipment. These difficulties are compounded by the fact that today’s data centres are growing dynamically and therefore IT hardware has to be changed, supplemented, relocated and reconfigured ever more frequently. Trolley carts and the muscle power of the IT staff naturally reach their physical limits, so the only way to correspond to the increasing demands is to use an automated, capable transportation and lifting solution.

The ServerLIFT is a transport and lifting solution specifically designed for the data centre. It is capable of moving up to 453 kilograms (model-dependent) of IT equipment to any location within your data centre and can used to automatically lift the load to a maximum height of 2.66 metres. Best of all, it allows you to easily slide your equipment into the cabinet at any rack level without breaking a sweat.

For further Information, please visit https://www.daxten.com/ie/server-lifter.html

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